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UIU Computer Club

UIU Computer Club is the largest club of the CSE department at United International University that was established in 2004 with the goal of fostering the students’ technical knowledge and  preparing them for the competitive software and IT industry. Since our establishment, UIU Computer Club has become the largest club of UIU providing knowledge that goes beyond the usual curriculum, through organizing different workshops and seminars which played a vital role in broadening their horizon in different fields of Computer Science such as machine learning, software development, computer security, ethical hacking and many more.  Our events are targeted to cater the students in 3 major dimensions: Learning, Performing & Networking. 

Our primary objective is to cultivate a programming culture that nurtures the inherent qualities of students, enabling them to develop outstanding problem-solving abilities and preparing them for prosperous careers in diverse realms of Computer Science. We have orchestrated several events such as C-Clinic, a Workshop on LaTex, an Ethical Hacking Workshop, Cyber Security and Social Awareness, a Design Thinking and Innovation Workshop, a Git and Github Workshop, as well as a Seminar on Blockchain, among many others. Our emphasis spans various domains such as web and mobile app development, game development, competitive programming, data science, robotics, and more. Our aim is to bridge the gap between the IT industry and academia. Multiple events and competitions have already been successfully executed through collaborations with esteemed organizations such as BASIS, MSI, Banglalink, GP, Robi, and others.

Prize giving ceremony of Coders Combat 3.0, a regular competitive programming event organized by Computer Club

The club places great importance on guided learning right from the beginning of university. We meticulously organize a diverse array of technical workshops, seminars, and coding competitions throughout the year. Promoting competitive programming stands as a fundamental concern for this esteemed club, exemplified by their provision of weekly training sessions conducted by expert trainers, as well as biweekly programming contests. The club hosts an array of programming competitions, including its prestigious flagship contest named “Coder’s Combat,” which serves as a catalyst for augmenting the programming and problem-solving prowess of UIU students. Furthermore, the club has organized Hackathons to foster the growth of software development and ideation among the student body. Through these engaging competitions, we empower students to embrace their roles as creators and problem solvers.

A career guidance session organized by Computer Club

UIU Computer Club actively organizes informative sessions, led by esteemed professors and accomplished alumni from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at UIU. These sessions introduce students to computer science and guide them on establishing a foothold in the discipline. The club also conducts recruitment and orientation programs to expand its community and foster connections among students. These initiatives promote social responsibility and empathy among members.

UIU Computer Club is an integral part of the university’s computer science and engineering community. With its diverse range of activities, including technical workshops, networking initiatives, and challenging competitions, the club plays a vital role in shaping the skills, knowledge, and aspirations of students, preparing them for successful careers in the ever-evolving field of technology. 

UIU Robotics Club

The UIU Robotics Club stands as a vibrant hub of innovation, creativity, and technical prowess within the United International University. With a shared passion for robotics and a relentless drive to explore the frontiers of technology, the club has emerged as a haven for students who are eager to delve into the fascinating realm of robotics and automation.

The UIU Robotics Club actively engages in assisting university students with their projects and research, offering expertise in both hardware and software domains. Additionally, the club provides valuable guidance and support to students participating in the “Project Show” contest organized by the university. Furthermore, regular team meetings serve as a forum for enhancing the club’s operations, launching new events, and fostering continuous improvement.

SoccerBots during Innobotics, one of the major events organized by Robotics Club


UIU Robotics Club has introduced two national events of significance. The first is  “INNOBOTICS-2020,” a prestigious robotics competition in Bangladesh open to students from schools, colleges, and universities. This event encompasses various challenges, including “Robo Cup,” a robotic football match, “Shoot Up,” where participants navigate a multirotor through obstacles, “Gear Up,” an off-road race for four-wheeler bots, “Ant Run,” involving line-following robots, and a Project Showcase. The second one is “Ideastorm-2021,” a virtual competitive idea contest where participants construct innovative ideas applicable to real-life scenarios. 

Line following robots, one of the events during Innobotics, a major event by Robotics Club

Participation in University Rover Challenge (URC)

The UIU Robotics Club’s student team UIU Mars Rover Team’s  notable achievement includes participation in the University Rover Challenge 2022 (URC-2022) and securing first place in Asia and 13th worldwide. The club is also preparing to participate in URC-2023, having achieved a remarkable score of 93.06 in the SAR (System Acceptance Review) submission, the highest in Bangladesh. This recognition demonstrates the club’s dedication, technical expertise, and competitiveness on a global stage.

UIU Mars Rover team with MAVEN, the rover in URC 2022 Contest

UIU Robotics Club organizes insightful seminars, inviting accomplished alumni from the field of robotics to share their knowledge and experiences with the members. These seminars provide valuable insights, industry perspectives, and inspiration for aspiring roboticists within the club.

Skill Development

Members of the UIU Robotics Club actively participate in various robotics competitions, allowing them to hone their skills and gain practical experience. The club also encourages project development, enabling members to showcase their creativity and technical abilities. Moreover, the club conducts hardware and software workshops, providing valuable opportunities for skill enhancement in robotics and related technologies.

Hands On training activities by UIU Robotics Club

The UIU Robotics Club aims to create a thriving ecosystem that nurtures talent, fosters innovation, and propels its members toward excellence in the field of robotics. By empowering students to explore their creative potential and providing a collaborative learning platform, the club envisions a future where technology and human ingenuity seamlessly intertwine. Through their continued dedication, the UIU Robotics Club will continue to shape the minds of its members, inspiring them to overcome new frontiers and contribute to a world that thrives on the brilliance of automation and robotics.

Roadmap to Google seminar organized by UIU App Forum


Inspired by the enthusiasm for app development and machine learning UIU APP FORUM was formed. The forum activities aimed towards “A DevOps Community for ML” are broadly categorized in 4 categories: signature events, networking events, new promising endeavors, and special important events. 

Prize giving ceremony of Project Show, a regular event organized jointly by Robotics Club and App Forum

Among the signature events are Programming for Beginners(P4B), Python for AI and ML, Industrial Web development, Git and GitHub, Roadmap to Higher Studies, Mobile app development, AI Contest, Software Project Show, Blockchain – The Coming Revolution, Gaming and Graphic Designing. APP Forum has already built strong partnerships for the future of technology, through the BASIS SoftExpo  Campus Activation contract. Furthermore, a memorandum of understanding (MoU) has been signed between UIU APP FORUM and Bright Skills. “The Color Race” contest is organized regularly with a vision to search for more creative minds.

Iftaar Mahfil, Organized by App Forum

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